Newspaper (knitted and stitched)



My father is a journalist. Some of my earliest memories are from visiting his office and watching the printing press.  In 2007, his newspaper overhauled from print to digital and I began to knit with and sew into newspapers.

To create newspaper yarn, I tear off strips of newspaper.Disassembling columns of ink on paper. I wind and twist these strips into strands of  yarn. With news being delivered through digital modalities 24/7, it becomes impossible to genuinely reflect on it all. Ropes of newspaper and the balls of yarn are, to me, a visual analogy of this process of consuming, disassembling, and storing so much information.

Unlike newspapers, the Internet has no physical presence. Online news articles, videos, and blogs exist as electronic signals passed from one computer to the next. What is the form, and what is the significance?