Empowering children affected by the Earthquake and Tsunami of 2011 to build a sculpture for their new school

Hannah is an installation artist, with several years of experience teaching and creating public art sculptures. She is currently studying occupational therapy at SUNY Downstate Medical Center, and hopes to use her creative skills to promote the health and wellness of individuals and communities who have experienced trauma.

Yuka is a former project coordinator at Japan Committee for UNICEF, where she managed a pen-pal project for children affected by the Great Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami of 2011.

We believe that recovery is ongoing for these children in Japan. With local organization Sweet Treat 311, we have developed an art workshop for children of Ogatsu, Miyagi, to create a sculpture for their new learning center. Thus, we empower these children as active participants in their community’s redevelopment.



To learn more, make a contribution to the project, and receive gifts of gratitude, visit our Indigogo.com campaign site

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When: Thursday July 10th, 7-10pm

Where: Cafe Edna in Greenpoint, 195 Nassau Ave

Why: Because all drink profits will be donated to our project!!! We will also have a raffle with fun prizes such as gift certificates and baskets of goodies donated by local businesses. Stay tuned for a full list!

Free burritos and pizza for all, and maybe even some desert items. We will give a short presentation of the project, and have a message table where you can write notes that we will hand-deliver to the kids in Japan. Music provided by the interwebs – featuring Japanese music videos from the ’70s (WHAT FUN!)

Hope to see you there!!!